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Designing Smarter Organizations in Times of Change

Every organization 
is perfectly designed 
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What is Organization Design?

Organization design is a process for intentionally aligning the work, decision-making, information, work groups, rewards and people practices of an organization in order to achieve it's strategy and desired culture.

Why do you need organization design?
Stories about drawing boxes on a napkin makes entertaining cocktail conversation, but may reck havoc on your bottom line results for growth and profit.  You want to be purposeful when it comes to designing the capabilities your organization needs to implement it's strategy and generate desired results.  Giving due diligence to connecting the work, decisions, information and people inside your organization will pay dividends when the team moves to implementation.

Our Principles

Start the design process with your strategy.  Begin by reviewing or refreshing your strategy.   Clarify the results you want your organization to be getting.   Being clear about your strategy and results will help you align on what's pivotal to your organization and guide the ensuing conversations and trade-offs. 

Know and design for pivotal capabilities.  Not all work process and decisions are equal.  Some have a more direct impact on the value your customers receive than others.  Map out your value chain to vet "what you do better than your competition" and identify your pivotal capabilities.

Replace command and control with collaboration and coaching.  In the 20th century, control was considered the currency within organizations.  The better the job you did, the more control you received.  The result was the creation of big, slow, bureaucratic dinosaurs of yesterday.  In today's fast paced world, we need to place information, decision making and feedback into the hands of front-line associates to create fast, nimble organizations.

Address individual career issues when doing detailed job design.  Making strategic design choices around an individual or to justify title and pay is a bad practice.  Your design should allow you the flexibility to move talent within your organization and with minimal impact to organizational performance.     

Our Process

1.   Review strategy. Identify and align leadership team on desired results: financial, customer, operational, culture and people.
2.   Identify and assess organizational capabilities and culture
3.   Map value chain and organization’s main processes - identifying key work activities, decisions and points of value creation
4.   Identify design requirements and non-negotiables
5.   Create and evaluate high level org design options – organizing logic and alignment mechanisms
6.   Group and classify key work activities
7.   Create detailed org design – reporting structure, work groups, RACI
8.   Assess and align management policies and cultural norms, people practices, and reward systems with strategic intent and desired results.
9.   Create transition and implementation plan for the preparation and placement of people and processes